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Top 5 places to Retire in Nevada

Las Vegas Aerial View

Do you want to retire in a place that has something for everyone? If so, Nevada is a great choice! The Silver State offers retirees plenty of amazing places to call home. From vibrant cities like Las Vegas and Reno to charming small towns like Boulder City, there is something for everyone here.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at five of the best places to live in Nevada. So whether you are looking for excitement and nightlife or peace and tranquility, you can find it here!

Why should you consider Nevada for retirement?

Although different people have unique ideas about the ideal retirement, Nevada offers retirees many advantages, including:

Low Taxes

One of the biggest reasons to consider retiring in Nevada is because of the state’s low taxes. There is no state income tax in Nevada, which means that your retirement savings will go further. Additionally, the state has some of the lowest property taxes in the country.

Warm Weather

Another reason to consider retiring in Nevada is because of the state’s warm weather. The average temperature in Nevada is a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the state gets very little snowfall, so you won’t have to worry about shoveling your driveway in the winter.

Affordable Housing

Housing costs in Nevada are also very affordable, especially when compared to other states with large retiree populations such as Florida and California. The median home price in Nevada is just over $200,000, which is much lower than the national median home price of over $300,000.

Plenty of Things to Do

Nevada may be best known for its casinos, but there are plenty of other things to do in the state as well. retirees can enjoy hiking, biking, golfing, and exploring all that the state has to offer. There are also plenty of cultural attractions, including museums and art galleries.

Friendly People

The people of Nevada are also incredibly friendly and welcoming, which makes it a great place to retire. You’ll find that Nevadans are quick to strike up a conversation and always ready to help out a neighbor.

Retiring in the Silver State is a surefire way to live comfortably and happily into your golden years. With all these great benefits, it's no wonder that many people are choosing Nevada as their retirement destination of choice. But with so much competition out there, what makes this state better than others? Here are the top five reasons to retire in Nevada.

1. Las Vegas

If you are looking for excitement, there is no place like Las Vegas. This city is world-renowned for its casinos, shows, and nightlife. There is always something to do here, whether you want to gamble or see a show. And with world-class dining and shopping options, you will never be bored in Vegas.

The cost of living in Las Vegas is 11.6% higher than the national average. However, compared to other cities in Nevada such as Henderson or Boulder City, Las Vegas offers more affordable housing and a lower cost of living. Homeowners in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise metro area have seen their property value increase by an average of 22.4% over the past twelve months. According to recent estimates, this trend is projected to continue, with values rising another 1.9% between August 2022 and 2023. For perspective, Henderson home values currently sit at $513,542 on average – up 20.4% from this time last year."

2. Reno

Just a short drive from Lake Tahoe, Reno is a great place to retire if you love the outdoors. The city has a rich culture and plenty of historical sites to explore. There are also many parks and golf courses in the area. And with its close proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there are endless opportunities for hiking, camping, and skiing.

The cost of living in Reno, Nevada is 8% higher than the average price throughout the nation. As of recently, the median listing home price was $580K and has been increasing by 5.6% annually. The typical listing home costs $322 per square foot while the median sold home price is at $520K currently.

3. Carson City

The state capital, Carson City is home to many government buildings and historical sites. It is also a great place for retirees who want to be close to the action but not in the middle of it. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area, as well as a variety of parks and recreation options. Downtown is a great place to explore during the day or night. You can find plenty of things to do, including visiting museums like the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada, Nevada State Museum, and Nevada State Railroad Museum.

Carson City, NV home prices have increased by 2.5% in the past year. The largest increases were found in Transportation, Food, and Housing costs. In September 2022, Carson City home prices went up 12.8% from the previous year, with a median selling price of $480K.

4. Henderson

Henderson, NV is the perfect place to visit if you're looking for a city with plenty of things to do, but without the bustle and hustle of a big metropolis. It's situated close to many tourist destinations like Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, but it also has its own unique charm with great art, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping. Henderson was even voted as one of the best places to live in America by Money Magazine! And if that isn't enough to convince you, Forbes ranked Henderson as the second safest city in America.

The cost of living in Henderson, Nevada is above average, amounting to 13% more than the rest of the country. In September 2022, the median list price of homes in Henderson was $525,000 as opposed to $530,000 the previous year. This signals that Henderson is currently a seller's market where there are more potential buyers than supply of houses.

5. Boulder City

This small town on the banks of Lake Mead is perfect for those who want a quiet retirement. Boulder City is home to many retirees and is known for its small-town feel. There are several parks and recreation options in the area, as well as plenty of shopping and dining options.

The cost of living in Boulder City, Nevada is 2% higher than the national average. However, the housing market in Boulder City is still somewhat competitive. The average sale price of a home last month was $480K, up 33.3% from the previous year. Additionally, the average sale price per square foot has gone up 13.3%, to $302 since last year.


If you’re looking for a retirement destination that offers both peace and excitement, Nevada is the perfect state for you. With plenty of amenities and activities to keep you busy, you’ll never get bored in Nevada. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your retirement today by considering all that Nevada has to offer!


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